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Regardless if you’re new to the game or a returning player looking to create a new main character, there are a variety of quests in Oldschool RuneScape weapons (OSRS) that can reduce the amount of early level grinding by hours. However, you will likely want to bring food, as you have to pass level 86 Fire Giants and a level 84 Moss Giant during the quest. First up on the list is the single most recommended quest for any brand new player, Waterfall Quest. There are also no combat requirements, so you don’t have to worry about training before attempting the quest. Doing this quest on a brand new level 3 character will instantly raise both your strength and attack level from 1 to 30 in each. Below, you’ll find the top ten best OSRS quests that a new player can do to vastly improve their character’s stats in a short period of time. Completing any, or ideally all, of the quests below is highly recommended for the vast amounts of experience each offers to new players. The quest isn’t too long either.

imageNext up on the list is another very beginner-friendly quest you can do early on, Witch’s House. Witch’s House is highly recommended to do after Waterfall Quest, as you do not receive any Hitpoints XP during the previous quest. However, you will want to equip the best weapon you can and bring food, since you’ll be fighting a series of 4 monsters back to back. Grand Tree provides over 26,000 XP across three skills after its completion. Next up, we have another quest that provides a ton of XP for relatively little effort on your part, Grand Tree. If you came here on a brand new character right after Waterfall Quest, your Hitpoints would go from 10 to 24 immediately upon completion of this short quest. The quest isn’t terribly long, and is a prerequisite for Monkey Madness, which is a mid level quest that grants a total of 110,000 XP across your melee and Hitpoints levels. It’s a short and simple quest that won’t take you much effort at all.

One downside to this one is that you will have to fight a level 172 Black Demon. However, you’ll be happy to know that this can be done from an early level regardless, as the demon is easily safe-spotted using Ranged, Magic, or melee halberds. Completing this quest before touching any smithing whatsoever is highly recommended. The fourth quest on this list so far, The Knight’s Sword is another quest that gives a ton of early XP. You’ll go from level 1 to level 29 smithing after you finish The Knight’s Sword, skipping all bronze and most of iron smithing in the process. This quest does require you to run past level 57 Ice Warriors and 53 Ice Giants, so a little food is recommended to those with low Hitpoints. This one is also free to play, so everyone can take advantage of it immediately. As the quest isn’t terribly long either, you’ll be saving hours of time that you would have spent on early smithing levels, too.

Next up is another quest that will save you from hours of grinding out skilling XP, the Dig Site. However, no mining level is required before starting the Dig Site. Thus, completion of the Dig Site before doing any leveling of the Mining skill is recommended. In addition, no combat is required of you throughout this quest. Otherwise, this particular quest grants a whole heap of Attack XP. Next up on the list is the sixth crucial quest for all beginners to complete, Tree Gnome Village. This particular quest does require you to unlock Herblore through the Druidic Ritual quest and raise it to level 10 first. You’ll go straight from level 1 to level 31 upon the completion of this quest. It’s also another requirement for Monkey Madness, which you’ll definitely want to complete as soon as you reach the lower mid levels. This one does require you to defeat a level 112 Khazard Warlord, however he is a lot easier than his combat level would suggest.

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