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I posted this right here as a result of Pastebin isn't whitelisted. NOTES: Unless stated, at all times keep around 500gp with you always, even when i say bank every little thing. I modified about 75% of what he had in there. 1 def pures will need to omit any objects obtained for these. RuneScape weapons Noob Quest Guide! The original source was used merely as a tenet. I highly recommend making your character a female for the quest 'Recruitment Drive' It saves a little bit of time and chances are you'll not have the cash to change your gender when wanted. For all you people complaining that it wasn't mine, simply take a look at the 2 guides and compare them. I believe I remembered all the things for these quests, but if anything was neglected please let me know. The only quests that give defense XP are 'Dragon Slayer' and 'Nature Spirit'. Possible errors could include miscalculations relating to gadgets, levels, quest factors and so forth. Any good solutions shall be added. If you find that a spot is crowded within the free-to-play areas, there are many loads of spots in all places else which definitely will not be crowded! Never keep the entire stack on you!

Go upstairs and bank every thing. Go inside the swamp, to Father Urhney southwest of the graveyard and get the Amulet of Ghostspeak. Go west throughout the bridge and start 'Sheep Shearer' by talking to Fred the Farmer. Milk the Dairy cow in the cow pen for two buckets of milk. Kill a hen and pick up the uncooked rooster and feathers. Go back to the church and talk to the Ghost. Pick up the shears on the table. Then take out some coins, a small fishing internet, a tinderbox, an axe and a bucket. Shear sheep until your stock is full. Kill a cow and decide up the uncooked beef and cowhide. Go to General store and purchase a cake tin and a pair of buckets. Return southwest by means of the swamp and south to the Wizard's Tower. Go exterior the castle and talk to Father Aerack within the Lumbridge Church to start out 'The Restless Ghost'.

Enter the basement and steal the skull (avoiding the skeleton) for 'The Restless Ghost'. Exit the tower. Go north to Draynor Village. Be careful for the aggressive 'Highwayman'. Chicken. Complete quest 'Ernest the Chicken'. Speak with Veronica to start 'Ernest the Chicken' quest. Bank and head to Draynor Manor. Kill Cows and Chickens on the farm for level 10 melee skills. Pick up a cabbage from the cabbage patch south of Falador. Bank all the things except for a small web, an axe, a tinderbox, coins and a weapon. Go west further and pick up an egg from a hen on the Falador farm. You might must drop some wool that you simply picked up earlier. If those are two crowded, try the seagulls on the docks. Speak to Sedridor for 'Rune Mysteries'. Catch shrimps until degree 5. Cook the shrimps. Buy 5 ropes from Ned, then financial institution them. Whilst doing this, choose up a bronze med helm from the south japanese room within the Manor.

Start 'Pirate's Treasure' by speaking to Redbeard Frank. Board a ship to Karamja and head to Musa Point (The Northeastern a part of the island). Board a ship back to Port Sarim. Buy 3 pots of flour, 3-5 items of cheese and a chocolate bar from Wydin's Food Store. Buy some rum from Zambo's shop then go the final retailer and choose up the knife on the table there. Speak to Luthas for a job. Wear the apron and ask Wydin for a job. Take an apron off the wall from the Fishing Store. Buy a hammer and chisel for later. Bring it again to Frank. Go contained in the stockroom and search the crate containing the rum. Withdraw bait and a fishing rod. Go to the fishing store and buy forty bait, a fishing rod, and a flyfishing rod. Go back to Draynor and financial institution all the pieces. Pick 10 bananas, fill a crate after which use the rum on the crate.

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